New Arkansas Law may affect some HI’s

Great for consumers but not so great for home inspectors performing mold. Apparently independent certifications that require experience to apply for and meet national certification standards approved by ANSI are beginning to mean something.

"Arkansas Law Names IAQ Council
The state of Arkansas has required that applicants for licenses under its new mold law be certified by the American IAQ Council (now known as ACAC).

Arkansas Act 1467, which passed in May 2009 and goes into effect January 1, 2010, states that licensees must be possess one of the following:

  • Certification as a CMC or CIEC by the American IAQ Council (now ACAC)
  • Certification as a CIH by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene
  • 20 hours of college level training in microbiology

The Arkansas law follows the example of Maryland, where a 2008 licensing law requires mold professionals to maintain certification by the American IAQ Council or similar independent certifying body.

“Accredited, independent certification is a reliable way for state governments to verify the qualifications of license applicants,” said Charlie Wiles, ACAC executive director. “We anticipate that more states will follow the pattern of Arkansas and Maryland.”

Click here to read Arkansas Act 1467."

**That is good news! **

Hopefully more states will follow this action and we will see the end of the 8 hour certified mold testing.

You only need ONE of the above. Wow, a whopping 20 hours. Should have named the law “Insta-license.”


Many CIH’s believe that the way the mold testing business has flourished to the point of being over-the-top; much being done by those who may be less than qualified.

Bottom line is that this appears to be precipitated by ANSI’s standards.

You can do better, when is the last time anyone went to a college and only took the classes they wanted.
CIEC requires 8 years experience to apply for, that doesn’t seem to be instant.

IAC2 has great training but it has a long way to go.

I still haven’t heard of anyone with IAC2 certification who has the $1million E&O coverage required by the new Florida mold law. ACAC certified inspectors can get it overnight. This will be important for those who intend to get a Florida mold license.

What is a CMC?

Florida requiring $1 million in E&O for mold inspectors? I bet attorneys are licking their chops over that.

General indoor environmental investigations:
Investigations and consulting for HVAC, lead/asbestos, chemical/toxicology, indoor air quality and microbial issues.
8 years experience 2 years experience

Microbial Investigations:
Specializing in microbial contamination and bioaerosol sampling.
8 years experience 2 years experience

We have had at least $1million E&O for years, around 1,000 inspection each year and no problems - know what you are doing and do it right.

I just got done talking with my Industrial Hygienist and he bought up the subject on the new law. He wants to know what does 20 hours of microbiology has to do with mold inspection and testing? He does not think favorably of this new law.

I would suggest “your” Industrial Hygienist not move to Arkansas and be happy.

Don’t you think that means “semester hours” not “clock hours”? 20 semester hours could take 3-6 semesters to achieve depending upon prerequisite requirements.

He goes to Arkansas quite often because he just lives in Springfield, Missouri (He well-known to be the top mold expert in our state). He thinks that there are only about six people who live in Arkansas that would automatically qualify under the new law. This will just allow these six individuals to overcharge the consumer in Arkansas.
His point is that knowing Microbiology is a very small part of being a good mold assessor.

Good point. Is it protecting the consumer to let the hundreds of very unqualified mold “inspectors” continue to pray on consumers?

“overcharge” I spent thousands of dollars each year on training for our people and compete with “certified mold inspectors” that are not required to have contining education or insurance which also cost thousands of $.
I will raise our prices when Our law starts next year, you can bet on it, but I will never think it is overcharging anyone.

My understanding Texas went from 600 “mold inspectors” down to 24 in one day when they passed their law several years ago. They now have about 300 according to one of the companies we sub to. The Texas company works nation wide and we do their Florida work, cheaper to hire us than send their inspectors.

Microbiology - I agree, also think Florida did it right by requiring anyone with degree must work for someone like us for a year before they get a license. (I have no doubt we will get a mold license in Florida)