Will Arkansas follow Florida, looking to repeal mold licensing?

Seems there’s an answer on all four sides of this argument.

In Arkansas, their legislature is looking at repealing their mold law. And why is the Legislature taking a look a this? Bob Balhorn — lobbyist for the Arkansas Pest Management Association — said his group took exception to the requirement that all licensed mold inspectors are required to complete 20 hours of college-level microbiology courses.

Balhorn’s take on the whole issue is straightforward in that he says you dont need to be a microbiologist to effectively spot mold. It appears that the state House agrees with him as that group passed the bill on Feb. 24. The legislation is pending before a Senate subcommittee.

So go figure, 1. some folks think that licensing is a joke, 2. some think licensing is a necessity, 3. some think mold inspectors need some college education and 4. others think that any dumb arse can assess mold so no requirements are necessary, period.

Lastly, I too received my mold license with NACHI only coursework, however I don’t look at as a reward but rather as a $390.00 purchase.

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