New article: Inspecting Residential Interior Doors.

Inspecting Residential Interior Doors.

I often form a preliminary opinion of the home in general by the quality of the interior door installation.

  1. Do they rattle when closed? Decent door hardware has a strike plate trim tab that decent carpenters know how to adjust to stop the door from rattling.
  2. Do one or more doors fail to stay shut because the bolt doesn’t align with the hole in the strike plate?
  3. Are the margins between the doors and jambs an unacceptable width and/or not uniform?

If the answer is yes, typically they weren’t paying good enough money to get decent materials and qualified tradesmen, and there will be other problems in the home related to this.

Warped doors: Don’t recommend replacement. If it’s not too extreme, an easy fix is to re-adjust the stop trim. Once the jamb has been painted, most people will never notice.

As new homes are built with less and less skilled labor many interior doors and exterior are hung with varying margins (space between the jamb and the door). When they are way out of wack i but them on the report and “no installed to industry standards” (way back from carpentry 101) but does anyone have a better reference or standard?

“Interior doors in the home appeared to have been installed by persons lacking adequate skills.”

Did you here the one about Little Johnny when he learned how to hang a door?