Result of Improper Door Installation

Discovered considerable structure damage concealed behind rim joist insulation. This area is directly below a sliding glass door, home built 1990.
It pays to look behind the rim insulation, I have discovered similar issues on previous inspections, mostly below doors.

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Do you look behind all rim insulation or just where doors are present up above?

Mostly below doors, and areas where the insulation is discolored.

Rule # 101: “Caulking is not flashing.”

Nuff said.

Same thing here from a previous thread. I pull back the insulation, as much as I can. If you saw this post, you’ll see why.(video shot is actually my own house that I’m repairing right now). The inspector (about 9 years ago, when I was doing construction and not inspecting) didn’t look behind the insulation and the sill is rotted out. This guy is still in business touting his 30 years experience.

It is good to check where you have decks too, I have seen problems with water intrusion from them not being flashed or improperly flashed.

And porches!

Unfortunately, we have too many finished basements with drywall ceilings that conceal these problems. A moisture meter is most likely useless unless the water migrates to the drywall surface. I doubt if my infrared imager would detect abnormal conditions in most finished basements that have similar water intrusion issues, although I do scan the rim areas.

This was a sliding door unit too!

Some people just don’t know how to flash door units. Or build period.:):smiley:


No deck flashing

There wasn’t any on this one either. :wink:


Great images! Where are the local code inspectors? Marcel, can I borrow your deck ledger images?

Be my guest John. :slight_smile:

I always use one of these to check the rim joist, makes it easier and it works great for opening the attic hatch.


Once again the evidence is clear. Water loves wood. Wood does not love water.

I know that any time I see a sliding glass door that is “unsheltered” I can expect to find water damage below - almost 100% of the time