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I cam across a real, potentially catastrophic, problem the other day and wrote an article about it.

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It’s written well. I don’t get too many block construction buildings here, so I don’t have tons of inspections regarding them under my belt. It makes sense though.

A couple of errors but very well done William.

Interesting & scary as hell for any large structures where there is a chance of catastrophic failure.

I’ve seen kind of a similar scenario played out on a much smaller scale with chimney’s, where the crown has deteriorated to the point the holes in the brick are exposed.

Thanks Will much appreciated … roy

my experience with these blocks is that every 4’ rebar runs vertically and is filled with concrete, all other cells remain open.

Will could you please provide links to any info on the PCA & also the training to acquire these certs

Barry, the Split Blcok Certification is one that our company has. I have put it together with some Architects, SEs and contractors in my area. There are not so much specs but inspections of the flashing and coping and such. Seems like the main culprit is the lack of parapet wall coping. Sloped roof buildings don’t have any problems that I have seen. Builders, around here, don’t seem to know anything about flashing.


are you offering training/logo usage outside your realm?

no direct data or association from/with PCA?