New award commitee question of the week!

The interNACHI Awards Committee is pleased to roll out or new weekly contest…
"Question of the Week"

Here’s how it works:

One Awards Committee panel member will post a question in the Education and Training section, once per week at a random time on a random day.

First correct answer (as judged by the question poster, and the award committee) wins. What does this lucky winner get, you ask?
one case of “Now that you’ve had a Home Inspection Books” shipped to you. courtesy of Nick G.

Must be an interNACHI member to win.

Stay Tuned…

-Awards Committee Chairman


Would you prefer is to find answers from InterNACHI?

Can you elaborate for me please?:slight_smile:

Sorry, fat fingers, little screen. Do we need to find answers anywhere or only within InterNACHI training materials.

I believe only the right answer matters, I don’t think that the resource of where it came from matters to much.

Learning to find the correct information if you don’t already know it is the key to learning for some. When one researches an item, he always stumbles on to some other educational material that one returns to latter. :slight_smile: