New CMI site coming... New CMI logo here! Check it out.

In preparation for the new CMI site to be released next week, we’ve revamped the CMI logo a bit.

Looks great.

Can you upload a higher rez logo please

Looks great Nick. :slight_smile:

Scott, the new CMI site will have a logo download page for you. Hang in there a few more days.

Nick the logo looks awsome! I’ll be proud to have it on my website and promo material.

very nice

Oh great now I need to buy a new truck to go with my new logo!:mrgreen:
I like how you made it hard to copy. Was this on purpose?

We’ll have an easy-to-download logo page when we release the new site next week.

Uh oh. Legal Department wouldn’t sign off on it. It needed the circled R symbol as Certified Master Inspector is a Registered Trademark in both the U.S. and Canada. Here is the corrected logo:



Don’t worry, folks, it will be easy enough to use/copy/print as soon as we have the new site done and all the legal aspects signed off on! This is just a preview!


The logo looks good.

Can’t wait to see what it looks like on my Truck!

And a great-looking patch, Nick . . .

Looks like we’ll have the new site up on this Wednesday.

New site almost done:

Just waiting on Tim to build a logo dowload page.

Looks good!!