Logo in HTML?

Is there a CMI Logo in HTML I can copy and paste on my site, similar to the NACHI certified, verify by clicking seal?

If not could there be one with a black and white background?

That’s a great Idea. Also when some does click on it it should say the InterNACHI member is a Certified Master Inspector in f=good standing. Now it says is a member in good standing. Lets get the CMI in there.


Mike, try asking your question here: fastreply@nachi.org


I’ll work on a way to do this - we’re not set up for it currently, but I’ll be building a dashboard for CMIs to do allow for a click-to-verify link, along with a few other ideas we’re working on…



Thanks, I guess no need to send to fast reply now?

No, it sounds like Tim is onto something like you want…:slight_smile:

<a href=“http://certifiedmasterinspector.org/results/?browse_letter=a”>
<img src=“CMI.jpg” alt=“Certified Master Inspector” width=“Enter Size of Image” height=“Enter Size of Image”></a>

Mike just do it this way for now. Save the logo to your desktop. Drag the logo into your image folder with whatever host your using. Change the code to read the exact size of the image. Add the code to the page you want it to appear. The logo will appear and is linked back to the CMI website where it shows your name. Hope this helps.

That’s a good way to do it, Billy! I’ll keep you guys updated with the changes.

It didnt completely work, I’ll try again later when I have more time. But thanks for the effort. The words showed up, no logo, and link went to a page not found.

Call me when you get time I’ll walk you through it. 314 805 2137

Just got back in, I figured it out…Thanks Billy!