New Commercial Property Inspection Fee Calculator

CCPIA has created a Commercial Property Inspection Fee Calculator to help inspectors bid on jobs more accurately and efficiently.

Follow these instructions to get started:


Thank you Maggie.

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Wow, that is awesome. Fun to play with to see different ways it works.


How about getting someone to tackle this question?

The calculator produces a fee based on how you set it up. You have to customize it first.

Okay… we’ll wait, so you need what, about 30 minutes?

Not that long. You can set it up to suit you in about 3 minutes.

And then once you set it up, it only takes about 30 seconds for you (or your office manager) to have it calculate the fee each time.

You’re not making much of a case for a newbie inspector trying to break into commercial inspections to spend $500+ to maybe help them. I offered up a post by the Internachi University head-honcho for everyone to see how (well) it (maybe) works, and so far nobody from Internachi wants to touch it.

I don’t even know what that means, and I’ve read it 4 times. I wasn’t making a case for newbies to do anything. What $500? You might be thinking of Fee Calculator Instructions - InterNACHI®. That tool is very popular. But again, you have to set it up to your liking, first. You have to decide things like how much extra you charge for each year a home is old and how much to charge for each mile it is from you, etc. In other words, neither calculator determines anything. They simply calculate a fee based on your thinking that you installed when you set them up. Neither has variables of their own. Neither calculator tells you what fee to charge. What they do is perform a calculation based on variables YOU give them.

I guess they could more accurately be called a “Make your own calculator tool.”

No. I am not. I am only thinking of what this thread was created for, and posted in at least two other places on this site.

That’s ok. You’ve given the reply I expected… as always.

Have a good night.

Hm. Let me try another way: The fee calculators (both of them) don’t calculate “the” fee for a particular home or building. They calculate “your” fee for a particular home or building, based on your thinking about how much extra you would charge for the property being old, or being large, or being far away, etc.

So to ask “What fee does the calculator say we should charge for a property” makes no sense. The calculators generate different fees for different inspection companies… even for the exact same property.

What they do is produce the EXACT SAME FEE for anyone (you, your wife, your office manager) using it for the same property. Once you set it up, it will produce the exact fee you would charge for each project, even by a new office manager bidding a job who was hired by your inspection company 5 minutes ago.

You can hire someone at 9:32AM to answer your inspection business phones, and by 9:33AM, your new hire, using the calculator you set up, will bid jobs EXACTLY as you would… to the penny. However the calculator being used by your competitor would produce a totally different fee.

Does that help?

Thank you Miss Maggie

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