New Construction Foundation

Hello. I’m in need of some advice. I’m in the negotiation phase with a builder for a new home which is being built as spec. The foundation was poured about a month ago and the house has been framed and roofed. I walked into the basement this evening to take a look around and saw the attached small cracks. Note - Chicago got some heavy rains over the last few days and there’s no windows anywhere. The full basement will be finished with carpeting. Should I be concerned? Should I approach the builder to repair and/or fill? These appear to be about 1/16" in size. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Please take a look at these pics -

Here is what you need to find out from the builder:

  1. PSI of concrete
  2. Any reinforcement used
  3. Any additives used
  4. Slump (how much water was added on site)
  5. Vapor barrier installed
  6. Departure and Arrival times including placement of concrete
  7. Temperature
  8. Were any control joints installed, ie. keyways, if not, then WHY not.
  9. How was soil prepared… any compaction test done? (roll, vibrate, tamp)
  10. Was foundation walls water proofed and french drains installed prior to pour?

That will give you a basis to start with…based upon the answers to those questions will give you an ideal what your looking at.

Licensed General Contractor and Home Inspector

As Jeff is saying. That new of a floor should not be cracking like that.

Is there a parameter drain system with sump pit/hole? I see new homes built often, and these drying-cracks are common. Is the home built in a low area? High water table? On hill? Grading done yet? Where is the AHJ?

Where are the expansion joints? I would imagine some of the cracks could have been prevented if expansion joints where put in when poured. A lot of factors could influence the way concrete reacts. Expansive soils, wet soil, pour compaction, the prep work, reinforcement, and drainage just to name a few. Is there a sump pit? If so is there water in the pit? I geuss we could go on and on. I actually had a house built and had every piece of concrete busted up and taken out through the window well and repoured. Could you imagine being the person who had to do that. All do to improper pour not using transits and taking the time to do it right. The builder knew I was serious there was actually a difference of 8-12 inches in spots in the floor levels in that basement. Hope this helps. Watch what goes on during the build and you will see how people try to cut corners. Show up day to day.