New construction roof - ridge vents on lower portion of roof

I just inspected a new construction home and the attic vents set off my spidy senses. Maybe its no big deal but the only vents were soffit vents and two ridge vents on lower levels of the roof. The upper portion of the roof is connected to the lower segment at the front of the home (With the large ridge vent). The rear ridge vent is not open to the rest of the attic. If it were my home I would be inclined to have at least one static “can” type vent in the upper section. Am I right on this or just making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Overhead view

Side view

There are formulas for calculating how much ventilation an attic requires, so if you measured you can figure out the rating of those ridge vents.

Right I know the formulas - there there is adequate size, I was just thinking of the vertical positioning of the vents. The low vents will not help the upper attic as hot air rises here in Texas -LOL

Check the relevant code for your jurisdiction, could have something like this:


Not enough ventilation for sure. But hey, what’s the big deal anyway :slight_smile:

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Perfect I will check - thanks!

You know it’s not enough so just recommend more be added and move on.