Roof ventilation

I just did an inspect on a 20 year old home. New roof last year. They originally had only stationary roof vents, When they got new roof, they took them out and put in ridge vents.
There are no soffit vents. The only vent is on the ridge. I said the ventilation was insufficient and recommended additional ventilation to prolong the life of the roof, ect. The seller just called me up ******** because they just spent 20 grand on new roof and they were gonna have the roofer call me. I always recommend additional ventilation in cases like this.
Do you write up lack of ventilation?

Ridge vents are** useless** without “other” vents lower on the roof to draw fresh air into, so it may EXIT through the ridge vents.

As Jeff said, it’s useless. You need the cross ventilation. The seller should be pissed at the roofer and glad you found out the deficiency.
The stationary vents were most likely useless as well as there probably still wasn’t the cross vent.
You did a good job calling it out.

Soffit to ridge vent is considered the best. When I was young enough to do roofing, I always suggested it to homeowners. If they did not already have soffit vents, that was a part of my estimate. The roofer in this case should have vented the soffit as well, or at least mentioned the need of it. You are right to call this inadequate ventilation.

Ridge vent only could cause low pressure in attic and tend to try to get air from the home .

Roy I think I slept through that class would you explain your theory

Originally Posted by rcooke
Ridge vent only could cause low pressure in attic and tend to try to get air from the home .

Roy I think I slept through that class would you explain your theory

Just in case you are teasing me a low ( Negative ) pressure in attic and a positive pressure in the house will always try and equal ( balance ).
So air from the home will try and sneak up ever little hole like a wire hole a loose attic door , around not properly sealed fixtures .
Air leaving the home could be taking heat and moisture into the attic .
This is not a good thing as we paid to heat the home so the heating bill can go up and more moisture in the attic can help mould to grow.

I expect you want the newer Homie to see my explanation .

Thanks Charley for the Chance to tell my story… Roy,

I also do not like Cyclone vents as they are even worse for removing too much air.

Just show them this and it will answer some of their concerns.

Ventilation provides the conditions that allow air to flow—out with the hot air and in with the cool air. When stale, overheated air in your home or attic is vented out and fresh air is pulled in you have an “air exchange.”

Effective ventilation requires a balancing act. You want to “wash” the entire attic by pulling air from the intake vents low on the roof’s edge, or in the soffit, to the vents at the ridge in the high areas.

Ventilation should never be an afterthought in constructing a home. Without proper ventilation, needless heat and humidity can become serious problems, such as:

Surplus heat and moisture can cause attic and roof structures, plus shingles and paint to deteriorate prematurely
Excess heat causes air conditioners to work more, consuming more energy and costing you more money
Extra moisture can lower the R-value (R-value is heat resistance) of some insulation
Excess moisture and humidity enable mold, mildew and wood rot
Proper ventilation is required to validate warranty coverage for most roofing shingles.

What about Icing type insulation that requires no vents ?

Then you should not have a negative pressure in the attic No air out = a balanced home ,
A good thing.

No not teasing just asking what would create a negative pressure in the attic with just ridge vents present and no soffit vents. I understand if the home side is pressured its going to escape into the attic as lost cooling or lost heat

Questions asked help all to learn .
Glad to try and pass on some of my thoughts, ideas and information…

It’s called stack effect

Just google pressure over roof

I did not really sleep in class I was trying to draw Roy out he did not carry his conversation in depth did not say which season he was talking about.

Stack effect works both directions depending on the season. You should not just make a blank statement implying the attic is always in a negative pressure it depeds on the season

Ain’t that the truth :slight_smile: