New Custom Online Video Ad for Wayne Collier of Wayne Collier Home Inspections in FL

New Custom Online Video Ad for Wayne Collier of Wayne Collier Home Inspections in Florida.

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Wow… they are really getting good.

Hey Wayne, if you happen to read this, that video states you offer septic inspections.

Is that true? Florida statute prohibits septic inspections (Onsite Sewage Treatment & Disposal Systems) unless you’re a licensed plumbing or septic contractor, don’t know if you are or were, and don’t want to you to run afoul of any state regs.


You can offer services that you yourself don’t perform, but sub out to a qualified professional or arrange (on behalf of your client) to have performed. As a home inspector, I made a small fortune upselling septic inspections and yet have never performed one personally. Easiest money I never earned.

You can also announce qualifications and certifications for services you don’t offer. For example, I’m free to state (and often do) that I am a licensed Florida home inspector and mold assessor (because I am). I just don’t offer those services.

I’ve asked the folks at Florida Health Onsite Sewage Program to comment upon licensed home inspectors performing visual-only inspections of existing septic systems during a real estate transaction, and reporting to their client (1) the location of the system components, (2) how the system works, and (3) maintenance recommendations using visual-only, non-invasive inspection techniques.

That’s the exact opposite of this example, where someone may be offering a service without the license.

I was simply pointing out a potential mistake, I have no interest in it one way or another. For all I know, Wayne is a licensed plumber.


You’re right Dom. My bad.

I’m not getting that dirty. My septic guy takes care of that. I might open a ground surface opening and peek inside to see what the scum level looks like that’s about it. Most are buried and I ain’t digging. Most times also I am onsite while it’s being pumped and note that on my report.