It's a SH***Y job but

How many inspectors offer waste water system inspections?

Nope. If its requested, I have a septic company come during the inspection and do a pump and real inspection. I don’t touch it.

Explain please. Waste water, clean outs inspections and IE, back flow and sewer exit. Gray water lines or Sub drainage?
Lots of underground conduits.
Municipalities should be reviewed first but I suspect any HI can provide this service.
You need a long 150 boar scope, and know what you are doing.
I offer drainage and basin inspections. As for waste water, I leave it up to someone else or should say I have never done one but want be hands or eyes over seeing the job to allow me to take part next time…

OK updated to waste water systems

I offer it. I live in “cottage country” where a majority of homes & cottages are on septic. The 3 questions that people ask are 1) What’s your $ ? 2) Do you do Septic Inspections? 3) Do you do W.E.T.T. (woodstove) inspections ? I wouldn’t do many inspections without septic inspections.

only allowed by the health department here…not an option for home inspectors…

I am happy you found a niche Chris.
I hope your real estate inspections pick up from the clients you do septic inspections for.
If I remember or you remind me I will send a an marketing campaign I am embarking on. I wish to leave it off the MB. To many Quebec HI’s use INACHI and share zip. I have called several about my chapter to hear them answer the phone Montreal Home Inspection Services …so an so BOO home inspections, how can I help you today.
I got them on tape. :wink:
All the best to you and yours.

John, think systems; and what is allowed in the jurisdiction where you live.
Do your septic cert and see if you wish to pursue the effort. Auxiliary inspection can be bread and butter. Ebb and tide in this business.

I took the NACHI course this afternoon , and after finishing I was just curious as to what others are doing. I probally will call in a pump and inspect company, but at least I can use this as marketing.

The inspections are not difficult John. Like any other inspection. They need information on the health of the septic field.
We are talking septic aren’t we? or waste water?
Ether/or take a ride with a tradesman. Ether/or. Ask them for some ride along’s (shadows) Tell them that you will refer them buddy. You will fit it into your inspections if you wish.
email me john. I have an idea for you.
All the best.

John…Check out InspectApedia for septic system inspections. Lots of info there about septic.

InspectApedia is truly a wealth of information Chris. The owner is a very thoughtful individual I have had the pleasure of specking with on several email exchanges. He is devoted to the home inspection industry and to the home owner.
I think his is a great guy personally.
I concur whole heartily Chris.
All the best to you and yours sir.

John, in Florida you, a lic. H.I., CANNOT perform a septic system insp’n or even render an opinion on the system unless you are a licensed septic system installer or a licensed plumber.

No dye tests, no running water and verbal comments, NOTHING!

Don’t be tempted.


Thank you all for the great info. Inspectopedia is great and I do use it,

I looked for FL requirements but did not find them, THANKS a lot for the heads upon on inspectiing them. I can still advertise it as long as I don’t do them, just have some one else do it.

Robert check your mail

At least it is CE hours and i know more about them now.

You need to check with your county. I live in the FL panhandle and the ONLY people who can do septic tank inspections are licensed Septic tank contractors or the Public Health Dept. You don’t want to get over into something doing jobs you are not LICENSED to perform or you could end up losing your HI license, face a stiff fine or both. Florida has many restrictions and probably require more properly licensed tradesmen than anyone else and none of them like it when someone moves in on their “rice bowl” and take business away from them. They might say something to you directly but more likely will just turn you in.

Thanks, So is it ok to advertise septic services even though i am not doing the work, just calling in an other company. The same as offering water testing or pest and wdo and calling someone to do it?

I can’t answer that for you. That is why I said to check within your own county. I cover three counties and each is different. Also, most municipalities have their own set of rules, regulations, restrictions and in fact their own Code Inspection departments. Anything I say would just be guessing and that will get your butt into some deep sewage in this line of work.

From my view, you advertising that you provide septic inspection may be construed as misleading. It also places YOU in a position of liability if they company YOU hire to come in fails to do an adequate job and the buyers end up with a problem down the road for something your associate missed. I do not know how much you charge to do the septic inspections and how much of it you get to keep but if it is only a few bucks that could be a lot of liability for very little return. I generally try to separate myself from any ancillary inspections that I receive little if any compensation from. I let the customer make their own separate agreements with those other contractors. That is me, others may and will certain have different ideas on this. I refuse to take on someone else’s liability or responsibilty for what may amount to a couple gallons of gas money.

In a rural area like mine, you pretty much have to offer sewer inspections. The State or the counties regulate the rules, and you just have to jump through some hoops and hand over money to get your license. I always make more off auxiliary inspections than the actual home inspection itself. I always try to up sell when the customer seems open to it. Instead of performing two home inspections a day, you only need to perform a home inspection and a line of auxiliary inspections at the same location. Nick has talked about this several times. Lenders and some Realtors like using me because I am a one stop shop. It is strange that very few inspectors do this in my area and the ones doing this are still in business. To me it is a no brainier.

Same here James.

Works well for me