new FREE brochure and business card designs for Desert Property Inspection Services

New brochure and business card designs for Desert Property Inspection Services LLC have been added to the InterNACHI Marketing site:

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  • Brochure Design: 7.25 hrs @ $85/hr = $616.25
  • Business Card Design: 1 hr @ $85/hr = $85.00
  • Writing & Editing: 1.25 hrs @ $50/hr =$62.50
  • Total: $1,273.75
  • InterNACHI Discount: -$1,273.75
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Really cool!


Congratulations on the new brochures. I wish you the best of luck. Please keep us posted on how they work out for you.

PS - I still have to paypal you:)

Jessica, you did a WONDERFUL job! I love the brochures!! You’re the BEST!!

Now if I can just the illustrious State of Arizona to get off their a s s and issue my license, I can pass them out. By the time the State issues my license, the whole process from the time they received my application until the license is issued will be 14 freaking weeks. F’g ridiculous. BTW, they say I may not see my license until sometime the first week of July.

Thank you, Ed! And yes, you do. When you gonna take care of that? lol

Holy crap 14 weeks… better start complaining, lol. Brochures look great Randy, best of luck to you. :smiley:

Thanks, Shawn!

LOL If I did complain now they’d take 14 months. But, yes, after I receive my license I will be saying something. I’m so sick of government employees/bureaucracies that have no accountability to the public.

Very nice! And that logo is awesome.

This turned out great Randy.

Yes it did, Levi! Thanks to you & Jessica!!

And thanks to our graphic designer JP who worked on the brochure and card designs!

Thank you, as well, JP!!

Home inspectors have to have really professional-looking brochures because brochures are assumed to be a sneak-peek preview of the coming inspection report. If the brochure looks great, most consumers will expect an equally professional report. The reverse is true also.

Is that a warning because that brochure looks so incredibly awesome? I actually thought to myself, I sure hope I can back up everything in this brochure… lol

The brochure looks great.