New *FREE* Business Card Design for Lemonade Home Inspections!

Business cards are a personal, ubiquitous, and versatile marketing item that has stood the test of time. This business card we created for Lemonade Home Inspections shows how naming your business can be fun, playful, and memorable. We don’t just use plug-and-play designs, we create your logos and print marketing from scratch! This is a great example of what InterNACHI’s marketing team can design for you for FREE!

This member saved $331.25 by taking advantage of our free design and editing services.

  • Logo Design: 2.75 hrs @ $85/hr = $233.75
  • Business Card Design: 1 hrs @ $85/hr = $85
  • Writing & Editing: .25 hrs @ $50/hr = $12.50
  • Total: $331.25
  • InterNACHI Discount: -$331.25
  • Cost to member: $0.00 ( members only pay for printing )

Logo and marketing design services are a free InterNACHI membership benefit. Email to get started!


Nice work.

Great work Ian and CK. It’s a memorable and unique name, logo, and card. The design and the fonts chosen are friendly and approachable. Even the tagline is short and to the point.

This is great. First time I was able to get an opinion on the name and slogan from a complete stranger, thank you Levi. Also people are loving this design, keep up the great work Ian.

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Very interesting Raphael! Congrats on thinking “outside the box.”
I like your tagline, “Refreshingly Simple.”

What ways have you found to differentiate yourself when it comes to simplifying a home inspection (as perceived by the client)? I understand if you don’t want to give up any trade secrets or what not, just curious is all. Feel free to tell me to mind my own business, lol.


Welcome to the forum, Raphael.
I concur. Great marketing ideas and designs.


I’m not much for keeping trade secrets. In the past I owned a brewery with the best pizza you could have. One size, sourdough, family recipe, top notch ingredients - sold out every night and the highest rated on yelp in the state. My mother was always paranoid of an employee or someone stealing the recipe and replicating it. I always told her that if we wrote down the recipe and mailed it to every pizza place, one of three things would happen. 1)They would disregard it 2) Not put in the effort and screw it up 3) or master it. If they somehow mastered it, then great! Now more people would start to embrace and seek out sourdough pizza just like New York style, Chicago, and Neapolitan pizza. My small establishment would be the home of the “Original Sourdough Pizza”.

What does this have to do with “trade secrets” in regards to home inspections? Everything!

Like bar and restaurants - every step of a home inspection company’s marketing, branding, booking, communication, appearance, report, and follow up have to be cohesive and match in high quality.

Marketing - See original post every piece of marketing matches that quality of business card. Professional pictures, videos, and sound. It’s worth the investment.

Branding - Custom leather patches with my name and logo on everything (business casual). The high producing real estate agents take time everyday to look a certain way, a home inspector should too. You are an extension of their brand.

Booking - All online and all prices upfront. When booked agreement is sent out electronically and the buyer and their agent are automatically sent emails and texts about every step of the process leading up to the inspection and after. EVERY ancillary in house, one stop shop. Use and pay for Breeze radon CRMs that way you can send the radon report remotely with the click of a button, this can save invaluable hours and even days towards closing.

Report - Use video, illustrated descriptions, hyperlinks, an expandable formant that’s color coded based on severity and safety defects. This condenses reports without reducing CYA content all while making it appealing to actually read. Spectora is great for this.

There’s a slew of things that I’m using currently and always adding to. So far, many of them have received positive feedback with the last month of inspections. Call or text anytime and we can trade “trade” secrets, my number is on the business card posted :laughing:

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This is fantastic advice, Raphael. Thanks for sharing your experience on the message board. The story about the recipe is hilarious.

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