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It was me versus the InterNACHI Online Game System once again. I was Player One versus the Computer.

Big Surprise … I lost once again. Had a lot of fun though. Can’t wait until the final version comes out in 2025, where I will play as Ben the Home Inspector.

I was let in on The Home Inspector Online game several years ago. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t it start out with How to become a Home Inspector through InterNACHI and then it takes you level by level.

Best I can Recall:
Level Two: Marketing your Inspection Business.
Level Five: Inspecting the Roof.
… and then it goes up to like 30 different levels and when you think you have the game beat by delivering the report, InterNACHI flags you with a bonus round of complaint calls and how you handle them decides whether you won the game or not.

Wasn’t at one time a few years ago this new Online InterNACHI Home Inspector game was even going to somehow replace the NHIE?

I am really curious when Y’all are gonna roll this thing out. Myself and several other Inspector’s was hoping you’d consider not only Solo Inspector’s but the Team Approach as Well.

… and wasn’t there plan’s for players on experience levels (see below)?
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How much longer am I gonna have to wait.
I’m a patient man but I’ve been waiting years for this.