New to InterNACHI

Greetings everyone, I have been contemplating joining for a few weeks now, been super busy with my other business, but nevertheless, here I am.
Looking forward to a long and prosperous journey.

This guy also helped me make my decision: James Candelaria. Very pushy guy, I doubt he works for InterNACHI, calling me and 'interviewing" me for a few days now. He said he offered free InterNACHI membership.
When I started asking questions, how his program works- joining him vs joining directly with InterNACHI, etc- he got irritated and said he wasn’t in the business of convincing people, and ultimately hung up on me.

I’ve attached part of the correspondence between us:

***James Candelaria <>

Aug 14 at 3:29 PM

Congratulations! This is the first step to becoming a Master Home Inspector. You deserve this change.


Please click on the following link and listen to the 5 minute Home Inspector
corporate overview call:

Home Inspector Certification | Home Inspector Association - InterNACHI .com

State Rules on Inspecting.
Here’s the rules on home inspecting, just click on your state:
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Home Inspector Training Curriculum.

  1. Safe Practices for the Home Inspector
  2. 25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know
  3. Residential Plumbing Inspection
  4. Residential Electrical Inspection
  5. Roofing Inspection
  6. HVAC Inspection
  7. Structural Issues
  8. Exterior Inspection
  9. Communication and Customer Service for Inspectors
  10. Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior
  11. Deck Inspection
  12. Moisture Intrusion Inspection
  13. Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers
  14. Advanced Radon measurement Service Provider (Optional)

We look for individuals that are motivated and see the potential to make a great living in this industry!

James Candelaria
Home Inspectors Team
Business Development

Thanks again, and I am looking forward to gaining as much knowledge as possible!

Thanks for the info , NACHI great place much information Many great members with lots of info .
Please go to top left ( control panel ) and put in your info so all can see where you live .
Good idea to post your email and phone number on the forum so others can contact you .
All the best Roy

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Try this post .

Home Inspectors of America

Seems that this individual is NOT AT ALL new at this, SCAMMING PEOPLE (Correct me if I am wrong bit I seriously doubt it!) !

Take a look at Home Inspectors of America from a few years ago!!


Dont join internachi yet!!!

Will you be purchasing inspection software? Research the type of software you will want to use. I use homegauge (lots of us do).

I’m saying all this cause homegauge has a deal where they will buy you an internachi subscription for an entire year! But only if you sign up with them 1st.

i dont work for homegauge, just letting you know something i wish i was told.

…or take it from a experienced guy that HIP is the most popular for a reason. See my signature below . Home Gauge has been sold .

Plus he can get a Free Trial Bob, for free to try out.

Click on the link in my signature and try it out. :slight_smile: