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Well,well,a different look.
Same graphic designer ?

Just wondering if he / she played with the backwards K ?



They’re all pretty unique:

Except for the new one they all have that pastel washed out color.This one is bolder.

Find another in the long list with primary colors.

Logos should be quiet background for the message to boldly stand out in comparison. Logos should be slightly noticed out of the corner of your eye so that they don’t steal attention from that which makes the inspector money. Unique yes. Professional (so it doesn’t look like your spouse created in on an ink jet printer), yes. But subtle.

Imagine a paragraph of text that has one important sentence that is in bold. Now imagine a paragraph of text where everything is in bold. Which strategy makes the important sentence stand out? Consumers don’t buy or hire logos, so your logo shouldn’t lead. It has to be part of the professional, subtle image that your message then shines next to.

The new logo would not even work as a design if it was not a bright red.
Color is very important in design and effects us psychologically.
Ever notice how all food places use red and yellow ?

If you want your logo to not be noticed why a special division set to the task ?

Best logo ever IMO was last week "the fire extinguisher " which featured bright orange -Red.

Here is a little logo I designed and notice it works because of the yellow moon.


Black and white …ehhh.
black and white moon.jpg



Put any of these famous logos in B&W and you will go …ehhh

Famous logos

I like the one in color. I think most of the ones we do are in color: Color is an important part of a brand. Of course InterNACHI’s logo is in B/W but that was intentional too.

My guess you made Nachi logo house in black and white so we can use any other color scheme with it easily.

In part, and also so that the InterNACHI logo (in B/W) doesn’t compete with our member’s logos and messages. There is a pecking order to that which you want to draw attention to. That pecking order is really important. Your logo is likely low on that pecking order and the InterNACHI logo is even lower. Potential consumers come to your website or marketing pieces or whatever… with baggage. They usually are asking this question of themselves: “Is this the inspector I should choose?” The professional “look” of your logo helps support your contention that you are the inspector they should choose, but a business logo itself doesn’t. I hope that made sense.

Anyway, the Certified Master Inspector (CMI) logo is a different situation altogether because the CMI logo is a stand-alone message in and of itself. A message that trumps all others.

If you day so.
Only as your hoped or perceived perception however as I am not a CMI and as you know All CMI s are not better than me.
Being nice here.

I know that. You know that. But what we think matters not.

All your qualifications and insurance information and association memberships and taglines and logos and course completion certificates and state licenses combined aren’t as powerful to a potential client’s inspector choice making process as these three little words: “Certified Master Inspector.”

I just call myself “Master Inspector”.

The “Council of Men” approved it.
I still have no idea who in the heck did that site or where it came from these crazy jokesters we have here.:slight_smile:

Watch out Nick I am your new comp.

EXACTLY! That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. Why are all NACHI designed logos muted and pastel? Every time I’ve mentioned it to someone, they disagree.
While misspelled words in business names drive me nuts and portray ignorance, this is the best looking NACHI logo that I’ve seen.

Post #11.

Well I agree. 90% look very bland, and they all resemble each other.

  1. The logos look similar because they are all logos for home inspection companies. It’s surprising that there is any variety here at all. I try to steer folks away from having the same logo as everyone else. See the recent post here:

“Having a logo that looks exactly the same as every other company’s logo within your industry defeats the primary goal of creating a logo design in the first place. It’s always best to avoid over-used imagery. Instead create something that is instantly recognizable and unique.”

If you put a blue circle in a group of 20 red rectangles (read red houses/buildings with magnifying glasses) which one stands out?

There are also standards for a good logo design in the same way that there are standards for a quality home. A quality home is going to have quite a few things in common with another quality home in the same way that a good logo design will have quite a few things in common with another good logo design.

  1. Every person is drawn to different colors. I work with every inspector based on the colors that they select. The most important thing to me is that your colors can be reproduced in print, so that the logo on your website can match the logo on your brochure as closely as possible. Your colors establish a brand and identify your company. The colors that you see on your screen cannot all be reproduced in print. I will attach a small example image. There are an awful lot of inspector logos that cannot be accurately reproduced in print due to selecting over-saturated, screen-only RGB colors. It’s better to have a logo a bit less saturated that looks like the same logo on your site than to have an inconsistency which may confuse a potential customer.

Hopefully this is helpful.

OK before I start a riot.

  1. Pastel shades are in fashion the last several years if you look around.

2 ) From a design aspect the graphics are amazing on the logos created.

  1. Consider myself creative but could never even begin to match the output and am actually impressed

  2. Once a lucky member gets a logo they can always be altered to a bolder color if desired.

Heck it seems Levi or whoever does the graphics here is smart enough to stay away from using all those geometric swirly things that are everywhere…you know the ones that look like Star Trek badges or boomerangs .

Christopher says:

The the thing deep in the back of your mind that makes them feel like they’re similar but that you can’t really put your finger on… is that they’re all professionally designed.

That’s the common thing about them that you know is there but can’t really describe… not color or shade or shape:

Run this test on your own brain (it’s kind of amazing): Randomly (pick third in every other row or some way to truly pull them out randomly) pull out 5 logos and look at them. When you look at only 5, you’ll agree that they are each amazingly unique: