New FREE logo designed for Bluebird Home Inspections

The name is Bluebird. The logo is a bluebird. In logo design names that make you think of an obvious image work well because they are easy to remember. The company names Prestige, Premier, & Superior, all can work as an abstract image logo, but they do not call to mind a specific easy-to-remember image. When you are naming your company, a good route to go is to assume that you are writing a children’s book, people remember simplicity and directness. Red Apple Inspections is a good company name, BGD Inspections is less effective.

I attach a black and white version of logos because if your logo cannot be converted to a single color graphic quickly and easily, you will probably end up paying somebody to fix that problem for you later. Ideally you don’t want a logo that you have to pay someone to fix on the fly. The goal of a logo is to be simple, direct, and versatile. It is better to fix something now, than to try to fix it 20 minutes before you need something printed. In design the faster you need something, the more expensive it is.

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