New FREE logo designed for Inspector Bill

The capital B in this logo ties the image to the name “Bill”. When you have a name that doesn’t necessarily connect to a specific image, you can use a letterform design to reinforce your specific company name. This approach is more effective for shorter names. The more letters you add, the more difficult it becomes to make out the letters and read the name quickly. Most people are going to give your logo a quick glance, so the faster they can read the name, the better. I can’t search online for a company name that I didn’t have time to read.

I wouldn’t buy a home without an inspection, so why try to set up a design all on your own without professional support?

Have your marketing professionally designed by the InterNACHI design team. The design services are free. Place your custom print order here:

Marketing contact:

For more info on logos go here: Marketing for Inspectors: Questions to Help Think Through a Good Logo - InterNACHI® and here: Redesigning Bad Home Inspection Logos

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Thanks Levi. I enjoyed the read.

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Yeah, my business name was changed to Inspector-Mike. That’s what most people called me anyway.

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Levi, I’m gonna be honest with you Sir. You do good work and I see what you tried to do there, but if I wouldn’t have read your post, I wouldn’t for half a second think that, the image to the left was a B. With all due respect a good portion of the “B” is cutt off. I’m sure the Inspector is happy with it and that’s all that matters. I’m not trying to give you a hard time man but I’ve looked at 20 different ways with different viewpoints and I just don’t see a “B” there. I’m not drinking. I’m not on drugs. I’m actually doing well. I think you do a fine job, and maybe it’s just being creative. I’m going to stop here before you take this the wrong way. I mean no disrespect at all. It’s probably a new font that came out, and I’ve never seen it before.

Have a good day and I look forward to your next logo.

Inspector Bill, I wish you the best of luck buddy.

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Very nice, Levi. :+1:

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Hi Michael, No offense taken, It would be really strange for everyone to like all of the logos because people are all very different. There are all kinds of factors that should play into the way a logo looks. Where a person lives, the audience that they are primarily marketing to. All of that stuff changes since we are designing logos for people all over the country. We collect information from the inspector, but some of the responsibility of knowing who you are selling to is always going to fall to the inspector. A person working in Boston should have a different logo than a person working in Bozeman, Montana. With logo design you have to think less about “what you like” and more about where you are and who is looking for your services. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Here is the shape without the extraction.


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@lnelson1 Levi, okay I see where you are coming from. I live in the mountains of Southwest Virginia where we are taught a “B” looks like the letter “B”. I did attend college and earned my Associates Degree in Businesses Management. I kinda knew it was the font. I did want to emphasize the No disrespect in any way. Personally, I like all of Y’all at InterNACHI. I sometimes wish I could spend more time with my wife, so she could read what I write, before I post it. When I attended American International University, I had the Dean of the University (a Wild Woman with Power), call me 1 Thursday evening at 7:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. Oh man did she ever let me have it and even threatened my expulsion from the University. Long story short … I had to work as a team player with some pretty moody females from Chicago. Oh the females could snap my head off but something as simple as me suggesting for them to “Go take some Midol”, got me in a lot of trouble. Did you know that 1/2 of the U.S. population is fine with taking “Monthly Medications” while the other 1/2 refuse to take it inflicting unimaginable tormemt to their friends and family. Been married twice, 2 daughters and all I did was make a suggestion. Some people don’t know how to take me and other’s just click with me.

I respect you and the rest of your team and I understand 100% of what youre saying. There’s a saying around these parts: You’re alright man, You’re alright. That means I kinda like you (please don’t take that the wrong way - there are some funny people, even around here. I like the females in general and that’s it).

Have a good 1 and stay safe. Thanks for the kind words and the example given.

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