New FREE logo designed for Swan Valley Inspections

This is another great example of a logo designed for the correct market.

As always with a good logo, the name and the image have a clear relationship.

The name implies comfort, stability, and friendliness. In logo design, very sharp edges and jagged, spiked fonts are used for metal albums and horror films because they imply aggression and danger. When I am looking to hire a friendly professional I am looking for none of those qualities. The way that you present yourself can harm your business by communicating the wrong things. You sell home inspections to people who are probably already anxious about a complicated and confusing process. The logo you design is for the people you want to hire you. Your logo should start implying the kind of experience that folks hiring a home inspector would want before they talk to you. This is a nice clean example of how to approach a home inspection logo. It holds up well to scaling, easily translates into a single-color image, and uses calming colors.

I wouldn’t buy a home without an inspection, so why try to set up a design all on your own without professional support?

Have your marketing professionally designed by the InterNACHI design team. The design services are free. Place your custom print order here:

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Nice! Simple, yet elegant!

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You guys do great work.

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Really nice.

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