New, free product: Stairway Inspection Spheres.

That’s all I’d say. Maybe the client doesn’t even have babies or pets and doesn’t care, but at least I mentioned something in my report about it.

…aka. Soft Report writing inspector. Going full circle now that Porch is in control. Just sayin’.

What would you put in your report Jeff?

Nope. Not gonna suk me in any more than I have already posted. I may watch for a wee bit longer, but I’m bored with this and moving on. :blank:

A word beginning with “P” and ending with “Y” just came to mind. :wink:

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Got mine today… thanks!

Easy one:


You just hate the fact that I am able to walk away from your word game BS at the drop of a hat. Now… goodday!

You’re the one that said that the way I’d state the child and pet safety issue would be “soft report writing.” So you should be able to tell us how you would describe the safety issue.