How to safely measure above ground electrical service wires

how do you safely measure the height of above ground electrical wires?

Fiberglass painters pole marked off in feet.

They also make non-conductive 6’ folding rules which you can use at the top with a tape measure at the bottom. Since the conductors are insulated many electricians would just use a tape measure which I wouldn’t recommend. :shock:

We are talking about service drops correct…if so then they are not all insulated…lol…technically speaking that is.

Yes, I hope that no one is trying to measure high tension lines which are not insulated. :smiley:

yes service drops. i would rather be safe than sorry when checking the measurement as well as efficient. i was just curious what was best practice was for our industry. thanks for the input!

Well…if they are using our Service Drop Cable then they have an uninsulated grounded conductor (which does carry current) to worry about. But I do get your shocking point…:twisted:

Use a protractor, a string, and a weight.

And Trigonometry

Use a laser measuring device

Yeppers, or if you are a CMI a metal tape. :wink: