New furnace discharge pipe?

New furnace and the furnace guy runs the pipes up the old flue?

He could have gone out the foundation wall but no, this must have been easier although I doubt it. The other flue is for a wood burning fireplace.

This was inspected so all I can do is say it would be better with a rain cap to protect the interior of the chimney.
I am guessing the condensate will run back down into the furnace.
Maybe I’m wrong?

This is for a Homepath loan.
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Most manufactures recommend vertical termination with high efficiency furnaces.

Also, the the condensate is supposed to run back down into the furnace, if it doesn’t the pipe is installed incorrectly.

Vertical at the beginning but then horizontal out the rim joist area is what I see.

Condensate goes down to a drain or condensate pump but up a chimney flue I don’t see ever.

I had that and the next home I visited was an old oil burner from the 40’s. My first 2 in one day.

Went to school on the oil burner one. Buyers dad is a retired heating guy, I let him do all the talking.

And the “horizontal run” should have a proper angle of a quarter-inch per at a negative slope toward the furnace, to allow condensate to run back into furnace.

Should be OK .

Check manufacturer specific installation instructions if you want to be sure. Using old flue is usually OK unless it exceeds maximum length as per manufacturer or it still in use by other appliances.

Some people do not want to see the vent out the side of the home and want the HVAC company to use the chimney. I see on the picture it appears there is a metal cap installed and the vents should be caulked to prevent moisture from coming back down the chimney.

I would be more concerned of how the cap is installed to the chimney

When I find these I recommend to annually inspecting the caulking.

See it all the time here.