New Install Questions

New install of furnace with condensor in hall closet on raised foundation…Does it need a drain pan???

Compressor was installed with the refrigerant lines exposed to the side yard when they could have turned it 90 degrees and the refrigerant lines and supply whip would have been near the side wall of the house…Is this ok to do?

Sorry no photos…Hope you can help without.

If it’s a downflow furnace with the duct work going through the floor, then you can’t install a drain pan. Otherwise, there should be one or an automatic shutoff device (float switch in the condensate drain) to automatically shut the system down if the condensate drain overflows.

No drip pan necessary on vertical installations, whether in an attic or on the floor of a raised foundation. Horizontal installs should include a drip pan whenever installed where damage could occur.

Thanks for the info.

Here is a photo of condenser installation. I would think they needed to turn it 90 degrees so that the refrigerant lines are not exposed to foot traffic as they are here.

I can think of no code that supports what you want to recommend. I’d pick my battles and let that go.

Like Joe said, nothing to call out as long as it has enough clearance from home. I personally would have turned the condenser around so not to have the lines out like that, just my thing.

The way it is installed makes it easier for a HVAC tech to get into the electrical section (contacter, capacitors, connections) of the unit. It is all located in that upper corner section. If it were moved as you perscribe (and many are) it more difficult to access and work in that tight corner up against the home. I see nothing wrong with the way it is installed now. They did put it a little closer to the home than I like.

Doesn’t look like a new install. That looks like an older Lennox unit and the insulation has degraded leaving open spots. As Doug said, that upper section is where the electronics are located and the inside plumbing are all located in that area. Turning it would make it very difficult for any repairs on the inside of the unit.

I agree.
Better not to start telling them to spend money based on opinion.