New Hampshire Board Approves InterNACHI's Online Courses for CE and Pre-Licensure

New Hampshire Join Board of Licensure and Certification approves InterNACHI’s online courses for both CE and Pre-Licensuring for Home Inspectors.

See approval at

Thanks. I think NH home inspectors need 20 hours of continuing education every 2 years.

yes we do Nick, and Nachi makes it easy enough, since they accept all the courses , thanks

Thanks for clearing that up, there was some confusion whether they were accepted.

The word “attendance” confused some. You can “attend” and online course. Anyway, we got it clarified and in InterNACHI’s favor.

My son recently earned his NH Inspectors license after completing the required Nachi courses and passing the required national exam. He is now a full time inspector in our business. The education from Nachi plus a little training from me allowed him the succeed. We still plan on attending one national home inspector conference a year even though we can easily get our CE’s from Nachi as I think it is important that inspectors get away from their familiar surroundings and meet other inspectors. The education works and I learn something every day from the forums and education provided.