New Home buyer,Metal Roof in Maine With No Sheathing? Please Help

Hello all,

I am a first time home buyer and looking into buying a new home. My wife and I have found the perfect home here in Maine, but found out today that the metal roof was attached directly to the perlins. I know typically there is supposed to be sheathing and a vapor barrier in between. I have found information on both sides of the argument, which have led me here. Is no sheathing adequate? How will it affect my energy use? and will it be a condensation issue? Is this ok for a cold climate here in Maine?

I was inspecting the attic with my realtor and we did not really find any evidence of water leaks anywhere in the beams or the insulation except for one spot (pictured). Also there are no sophet vents, but you can see daylight coming through the eaves. My realtor snapped a picture and sent it to the inspector he works with. According to the inspector who looked at the picture, he said it looks great and there is nothing to worry about.

I would post pictures, but cannot find the paperclip to attach them, so i just uploaded them to a picture sharing site:

I’m still unsure and would really appreciate somebody’s second opinion on this issue.

Thanks for your help

numerous improper or deficiency items are depicted in your pix
contact Marcel
pay him whatever he asks for his time, travel & efforts on your behalf if you want a factual property inspection

I support that advice 100%! :slight_smile:

But Barry, the Realtor’s inspector said everything looked great.:smiley:

Thank you for the reference to Marcel, I will definitely be giving him a call! Could you guys just give me a couple examples of what’s been done improperly? Just so I can get an idea of how bad it really is. It really upsets me that MY Realtor’s inspector said it looks really good from the pictures.

Thank you guys for all your help.

Thank you for referring me to Marcel, I will definitely be giving him a call! Could you maybe point out a couple of the things that are not done properly, just so I can get an idea of how bad it really is. It really irritates me that MY realtor’s inspector said it looked good from the pictures.

Thank you guys so much for your help

An Internet Inspection. This is classic.

He sent me an email and as Barry said, there are numerous problems in that attic.
I gave him a couple of pages of info including a list of all the Inachi Inspectors within 20 miles of his area.
My rate for distance, sq. ft., and age would most likely be a lot more than the surrounding HI’s. But I can price it with the proper information.

Hope he chooses a good one. :slight_smile:

Thank you Marcel for all the helpful information, it is much appreciated! I have contacted an INACHI inspector based out of the same town as the home, and he will be doing it for me next week. He seems very knowledgeable and I hope it works out well.

You’re welcome.