New Houston Member

Hello Everyone,

I am a new member of Internachi as well as TPREIA here in Houston. I am taking my 8 live day training (AHIT) this Saturday and will be applying to take the NHIE and state test after. I wanted to introduce myself to the group as I am sure I will be posting questions on here for issues that I run into. Also if there are any inspectors in the Houston area that are willing to let me tag along on a inspection, not for sponsorship but as a student. I am very respectful of people and their property.

Thank you,


** Tip:** Paying attention to, and choosing the appropriate section when posting on the MB goes a long way in having a better experience when looking for information. You would be better served by posting this in the “Texas/TPREIA Home Inspectors](” section! I guarantee nobody in the other 49 States and multiple other Countries really give a rats arse about your TX licensing and exams. Certainly you do not intend to travel to other States to do a ‘tag along’… or do you?

Good luck!

I will take this to that section. Thank you sir.