New inspection article: Electrical Service from Hell

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Great article and pictures. One thing you may wish to add is improper screws at the dead-front (panel cover). I have removed 3" long wood screws (pointed) used to hold the panel in place. Such screws could penetrate insulation on a conductor??

John M. Wickline
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Your Stated “Both forms of grounding are undersized. They should be #4 instead of #6.”

In reality it depends on the choice of Grounding Electrode to which you are making the connection too. Clearly if the Grounding Electrode is of the type permitted in Section 250.66(A) of the National Electrical Code then 6 AWG CU would be permitted.

Lastly, the image shows those GEC’s (Grounding Electrode Conductors) being installed into the panel enclosure via a set screw type fitting, typically used for Type EMT Tubing.