We started building a new service for InterNACHI members today.

We are rewriting all our popular inspection-related articles so that InterNACHI members will have a consumer version of each. These consumer versions are better suited for your own e-newsletters, websites and flyers.

The first one http://www.nachi.org/increasing-home-energy-efficiency-client.htm is now listed in www.nachi.org/articles under its inspection-related version.

As we add to the inspection related article library we will gradually catch up with consumer versions for each.


Free use of the article library is an InterNACHI member benefit and all articles are royalty-free for InterNACHI member use.

Thanks for your work

Thanks again for all your help.

Thanks Nick!

As members I know we take most everything NACHI offers for granted and we also to some extent expect nothing but the best from our association. This is just another example of the good work that NACHI continues to do for us!

And this is how you show your gratitude??? :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I agree with you… Nachi Rocks !!! :smiley:

Jeffrey, now that is funny!! Mario, what’s up? Just funnin with everyone?:mrgreen:

I believe I am the first person to ever report a post from Nick!:wink:


You of all people should know, that Members are not moderated. You need to file a complaint with the ESOP. And yes, you need to recluse yourself! :twisted:

Thanks for the laugh, bro…


And thank you for the laugh sir…

You are welcome Jeffrey and Ian!! :smiley:
Now I will catch hell from Chris M. for taking up his time!:frowning:

NACHI was a great deal 6 years ago, and it’s blown the others away ever since!
I had the pleasure of enlightening an agent by inviting her to compare: