New inspector interested in some feedback

Hey guys I’m a new inspector,and I just did a practice inspection and seen this

Top right breakers have Aluminium wiring coming off for branch circuits .I think it was a 50 amp double pole .Thats not allowed anymore is it?? And do I have to recommend immediate review by a qualified electrician when I see this in the future?should it be marked as Safety hazard or immediate attention? Just wondering how some of you would treat this …But there’s also other issues with this panel I’ve seen …

Larger aluminum wires are still used today and fine… Look at most SECs, for instance. :smile:

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Larry nailed it.

Aluminum wiring is not prohibited. Consider service conductors. They are almost always aluminum (at least in my area). The issue is generally aluminum branch wiring manufactured prior to 1972. Pre and post 1972 aluminum conductors used different alloys. Obviously it’s hard to know when the wiring was manufactured, so if I see older aluminum branch wiring, I do comment on the potential for loose connections and arcing and recommend that an electrician evaluate the connections. That panel looks like a Cutler Hammer? 90s?

I know Aluminium is ok for service entrance,but branch circuit wiring I thought would or did have overheating problems…It’s a 1978 installation…So there’s nothing wrong with those ?

The overheating was often caused by poor connections due to the low quality of the older alloys. From Electrical Inspections of Existing Dwellings by Hansen, Kardon and Katen:

“Though still over 98% aluminum, the newer alloys have significantly superior qualities in comparison to the “old technology” alloys. Retention at terminals is the most important feature. The old alloy was more subject to “creep” and deformation that results in loose connections and arcing.”

Again, the issue is with pre-1972 aluminum conductors.

Thanks for responding :+1:

I strongly recommend that book, FYI. I pull it out often as a reference. I don’t think there’s a better book on inspecting electrical systems. Well written, comprehensive, and very informative.

Don’t have any book…From Internachi?

No sir. The book I took that quote from.

Ok gotcha…Missed that text just got it…Cool :grin:

In addition to the above… the real concern is with SINGLE STRAND AL CONDUCTORS.
Multi-strand is generally okey-dokey!!

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