New inspector questions for Florida Wind Mits

Hello all: I am possibly in a bind and need some advice…
I would like to sub-contract wind mit inspections in my area on weekends, while still qualifying the company I currently work for with my CGC license. I have started a new company, & am working on getting WC exempt, getting GL and E&O insurance, and will use the new company for the wind mitigation inspections.
(I may end up taking more courses and getting statewide home inspector, and becoming a full time inspector at some point.)

So my question is, can I qualify another company while subbing inspections under my own LLC?


Can you qualify 2 companies? Answer would be yes. Do you need to qualify a company to perform Wind Mitigation inspections. I would say the answer if No. Qualifying a company is to perform construction practices.

If you do wind mits make sure you get some training.

Actually, You cannot legally do what you are suggesting. Take a look at the current wind mitigation form and specifically the signature lines. You, as a DIV. 1 can have direct employees perform wind mitigation inspections under your license. If they are not direct employees under your direct supervision, than I believe you would be prohibited from what you are attempting to do. Also, read that wind mit statute carefully (FS 627.711) and specifically the section that address the DIV.1 contractor utilizing employees.

For further clarification: if the “sub contractors” that you are utilizing hold one the licenses listed in 627.711, then there would be no prohibition in your business model as they would personally conduct and sign the wind mitigation form- and be personally responsible.

Intresting take. Although inspection companies do not require to be qualified. Actually how do you even qualified an inspection company?

Steve and Preston are both correct…

How much money do you really think there are in them?

Not worth it in my opinion for you or your EMPLOYEES.

Now if you can get $150 a pop or so it would be a little different.

I would speculate that the large WCE’s are getting at least $150 for wind mits and paying slave wages- or not- depending on who you speak to and which company you may be enslaved with.

Of course, as I have not and will not work for a WCE, the above is mere speculation on my part.

I’m qualifying a company with my CGC license that I don’t own, and I’m the operations manager at that company. Business is slow and I have some time to do wind mitigation inspections to make extra money. I will be subbing the inspections from a company and doing them myself.
I’m going to try and learn all I can from this site, starting with the required wind mitigation training. As I learn more from this website I may want to become a full time inspector. Would be a nice change from office politics, and to become my own boss.
I am also grandfathering a state home inspector license, been putting that off too long, time is running out.

Mr. Howell,

No disrespect intended towards you personally, but your scenario is a perfect example of what is wrong with the home inspector licensing law. With that said, if you become a licensed professional home inspector who abides by professional inspector standards of practice and ethics provisions, you will be welcomed into the profession.

It is/was difficult to qualify two separate companies. That being said there is no QB license anymore.

**You cannot sub out wind mits to non licensed inspectors. You, as a CGC, can hire a W-2 employee to perform wind mits. **

Honestly, and no personal offense. But, you may be a great contractor and a great inspector. But, I think you need to become better informed about the wind mit process pefore you jump into it. Wind Mits are not the "go take a few pictures and make a hundred bucks" inspections people thought they were.

You may do very well inspecting, but I honestly advise you become better informed and trained about Wind Mits. Good luck. :slight_smile:

In addition, join NACHI and FLHII Chapter. We’ll help point you in the right direction.

You do not have to worry about qualifying a company to do wind mits. Start your inspection company and if you are personally doing the inspections it doesnt fall into any area on needing a company under your license and having employees working under your license.

I think you guys are all reading his post wrong. He intends to BE the sub NOT to sub the work to some one else. In which case as long as he does them properly he should have no problem.

Ahhh… I see this now… You must of been one of those kids that actually paid attention in school. :smiley:

Naa, sat in the back and just knew every thing … don’t I wish!