Wind Mitigation Certification for Florida

As a home inspector who is not a General Contractor, I want to start performing Wind Mitigation Inspections in Florida. Another home inspector told me I had to be a GC to perform them. He said he used to perform them but insurance companies now require a GC to sign the report form. Is that true? If not, will the NACHI’s “How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections” class satisfy the Florida insurance company requirements to perform them? Also, Allied American Adjusting Company is providing a Wind Mitigation class under what they refer to as their “Wind Mitigation Re-Inspection Program”. Is anyone familiar with their program and is it recommended or a requirement to perform such inspections?

Currently, you are out of luck unless you are a GC, CBC, CRC, a licensed building official, licensed inspector, a licensed architect, or a licensed engineer. There are many contractors who will sign off on your wind mits for a fee. Your best bet at this time is to contact your local state representative and senator and ask them to introduce an amendment to the existing statute to recognize newly licensed and regulated home inspectors as authorized to complete the wind mitigation forms as specified in Florida Statute 627.711. I can’t see how newly licensed home inspectors could possibly do any worse a job than the current list of “approved” inspectors.

Steve Taylor
Taylor Inspection Services, Inc.
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233

Thanks for your reply Steve. I agree on all counts.

Allied is doing the course in Orlando on Friday Feb 19. They are training 75 people and I don’t know if they will be using them to do the wind mit inspections or not. The course is $100.

Is Allied a GC?

Nick met with the Gov. yesterday maybe he can chime in here with an update.

There are six different qualified Inspectors identified on page 4 of the form. I’m hearing from the insurance side that the “Other individual or entity” choice is least desired.
On a different note…
Has something changed in Florida over the weekend? One inspector has decided not to perform 4 point and Wind Mit’s anymore. Made representation that he could not sign the form any more. Thanks

William S Carr, Jr. PE, CGC


A G.C. CANNOT sign off on your inspections for a fee as per the new form. If you are on the SE coast contact me and I will work out something with you where we can both make a buck. I am currently working with quite a few home inspectors who are not G.C’s. I do the inspection at a good price for you and you then charge your client whatever you like. Everyone I have been working with has been happy so far.

If I have worked with you and you have been happy please let everyone know.

Good Luck.