Lost Tomorrow's Inspection...

…because my wife is in labour.
Pfffft…kids. :wink:

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So if she can’t do the crawl space for you this time, do it yourself… slacker.

Congrats. :mrgreen:

Best wishes Stephan!

Thanks guys. She’ll be out any time now. This is our third child & second daughter. Now that we’re outnumbered we’re screwed! :wink:


It’s a girl!
Robyn was born at 253am coming in a 8lbs 4oz! (Poor Mamma!)
Mommy and baby doing great and this guy is ready for bed!

What a day!!!

Congrats on your new addition!


Congratulations,I hear Sean is making a little squirrel fur outfit


So at least now you will be considered a Multi Inspector Firm:shock:
Congrats and best wishes to all…


Great News. Congrats!!



Fantastic news Stephan ! Congratulations to you and family.

Happy Birthday to Robyn!

Thanks all!

This was a lot easier with my son. No other kids to worry about when you gotta get up 'n go that late!
Everyone’s doing great. Had to cancel 2 inspections today. Called both Agents while driving to the hospital. Never had to do that before! Lol

Thumbs up!