New InterNACHI Member - Skilled Inspections Tulsa

I’ve been a member of InterNACHI for two months and must say I’m excited to see so many members in the forums!

I recently posted video testimonial for the free ‘Now that you had your inspection’ book. Looking forward to getting the books!

Good luck

Hi Steve I have been a member since 2004 and am still waiting for mine also:p;-)

Charley, Hope you’re not serious, just got 100 books today!!
gave my video testimonial 6 days ago. :smiley:

He’s not serious. He’s a book customer. And I sent him an extra case for free yesterday.

Not serious I was just jerking Nicks chain for I knew he would be along and see that post I had just ordered two cases that very morning of your post:mrgreen:

Welcome, Steve. You will soon find that Red Hat Charley is a wealth of information, but seldom too serious.

He will tell you that cows eat cabbage, he uses rattlesnakes for neckties, cactus for toilet paper, and dances the jig on 12/6 roofs.

…and that’s just for starters!! (How’s that description, Charley?) :|.)

BTW, you better have very thick skin to hang around this forum much!!

Worse yet, he’s Charley’s neighbor!

I hope he doesn’t do like Wayne and run Sean out of town! :slight_smile:

Hey if your gona run with the big dogs ya have to git off the porch;-)

BTW my books arrived today pony express special delivery;-) Thanks:mrgreen: