New Interpretation of Wa Law

Does anyone know anything about the new interpretation of the Wa State Pest law that states specifically that the inspection being done in a real estate transaction that must be done by a licensed pest inspector, is only a complete or specific inspection? And that if it does not fall within the definitions (on their website and I will post later) of complete or specific, then the person performing the inspection does not need to be a licensed WDO inspector.

I’ll post more in a few minutes when I can gather all the info together.


I have rarely found a house in the Pacific NW that has not had at least one item that was conducive to WDO/WDI. Even if they have a bushes touching the building, a small leak at the kitchen sink or as with most “fancy Dan” homes, landscaping bark piled next to the siding, that meets the requirements of having to be a licensed pest inspector.

With the fines that are levied why take the chance? The test is easy, the fees are cheap and the bond is reasonable.

I agree with Stephen. One is just asking for trouble doing HIs without a pest license in this state. Bite the bullet and do the test.

You are misinterpreting what I said. The website has changed since I read it last. I’ll just call them up and ask what the new interpretation means. I would suggest everyone who it pertains to reread it and familiarize themselves with the new requirements as it has changed as of May 1st.


I went over the site and cannot find anything new that was not there the last time I checked. I didn’t see anything with a specific May 1 date. Do you have a link or more specific information regarding your concern?


Okay hang on, I’ll get back to you and post it. Uno Momento…(or something like that…:wink: ) (up at the top it says updated 5/1/06, and then the new things are highlighted in yellow and then it leads to the link below that contains new definitions of complete, and specific pest inspections).


Just what part of the “New” WSDA rules do you believe exempt an Home Inspector from having to perform a Complete WDO Inspection? If anything the change, if it is a change, is even more Specific in defining what constitutes a “transfer, Sale, or Exchange of any Structure in Washington State”, it makes it even more clear that a Presale or Sellers Inspection requires a Complete WDO Report.

We don’t do Specific WDO Reports as we do not “propose or estimate” any control or prevention treatments.

Just take the Test Wendy, call or contact the WSU Extension Campus for when the next Training and Testing Class is being Conducted. According to Dr. Soumi, who is the head of the WSDA WDO program, they are rewriting the Test, and it will only be harder than the present one, which is pretty easy. Contact:

Carrie R. Foss
Urban IPM Coordinator NACHI Member Rep.
WSU Puyallup
7612 Pioneer Way E.
Puyallup, WA 98371-4998
253.445.4569 fax

Like I said, that wasn’t what I was getting at.

Thanks for the info though.

Thank you Stephen for understanding and for the enjoyable phone conversation. :slight_smile:

Wendy the way I read the law is that you have to be licensed to inspect homes in Washington State if the home is being sold or is for sale for transfer of tiltle. You can find homes with no conditions which require pest inspection but, if one of the many conditions exist, as they state on their web site you have to fill out the forms. Rise your rates to cover this extra time and promote the inspection as par of your regular reporting. We home/commercial inspectors need to raise rates we are paid. We all need to make a buck and we are professionals.

There are No Home Inspectors in Washington State, only Licensed Structural Pest Inspectors performing Home Inspections.

Greetings folks,
I am new to NACHI and have just read your postings - hope you are still out there!
Here is the problem I have: the DOA has taken a profession “Home Inspection” and made it “WDO & Home Inspection.” I have been concerned with the fairness of this - I have more than enough to think about during a home inspection without doing someone else’s work. I called DOA and asked if an electrician doing a correction prior to a home purchase, spots a carpenter ant while performing his work, can he/she report this to the home owner? “NO he cannot report it” was the response I received. Even a neighbor must be a certified pest inspector to inform of a potential WDO! How does this serve the citizens of the State of Washington? Isn’t this more about giving state government another set of “tasks?” As I am a hard-head, I refuse to take the simple tests (don’t want to be an ‘enabler.’) And, I have teamed with Certified Pest Inspectors - I pay them and they provide the state mandated report. Now both jobs are performed by the appropriate professionals. This really gets under my skin!

Yep. It bothers me as well. It is just a way of getting us to shoulder the liability while they collect the profits.

While most other states BAN home inspectors from doing WDO, our state requires it.

Go figure.

I think Christine is calling me…

That is one crazy department of agriculture you have up there in Washington.

It does appear the total focus is on the termite report. They don’t appear to be to concerned about the other 10,000 things the normal home inspector has to address. It certainly appears you must be a licensed WDO contractor to perform home inspections in Washington. Do all the large pest control companies like Orkin and Terminex do home inspections as well? Do you guys ever have separate home inspections and or termite inspections, or is it always the same contractor?

I new there was a reason I don’t live and work in Washington. I’d STARVE!

Termite guys in WA must have a good lobby.

I just read the link Will posted. From reading it, it is clear that even plumbers or roofers can not report leaks if they are inspecting for leaks during the Real Estate transaction. That is crazy.

Yeah the whole thing is nuts. I am thinking some fresh blood needs to get in there. Someone who isn’t willing to bend over, or who isn’t working for the enemy.

Great job Wendy. You can post things that matter to fellow NACHI members.
I will remove you from the $H*t list.:smiley:

I think I need to go take a shower. That was a messy list.

Pest inspectors don’t seem to like the law - they are loosing business daily. On the other hand, home inspectors are buy the manual, passing the tests, raising their price and doing it all. Apparently, passing tests makes us experts. Or is it Marketing that makes us experts? Or, is it joining ASHI that makes us an expert? I’m confused.

I think, given the skill level of many home inspectors in this area, that it is Marketing that makes us experts!:roll: