Pest/WDO license?

In speaking with a realtor last night, he told me that their office has a list of about 25 inspectors that they give to buyers and that if you do not have a pest/wdo license that they don’t add you to the list. I am in Washington state which doesn’t require it but maybe I should pursue it anyway. I’m taking my time to get set up and don’t want to limit my opportunities but didn’t necessarily wish to take this step, at least not right now. What kind of input do you all have on this? Do you find the lack of this license a hindrance to business or is this particular agency unique in their requirements?

My marketing plan is unique to most in our business, in that I advertise my distance from real estate salespeople so - in that sense - I do nothing to gain their approval for referral purposes.

Having said this, I have found that being licensed to perform inspections for termites and other wood destroying insects - and adding this service to a regular home inspection - has been beneficial in getting business. Throwing in the NPMA-33 with the inspection report is an added value and helps to justify a higher fee than others charge for an inspection, IMO.

Jerry, it is required by the Dept. of Ag. Some don’t agree with this, however it is wise to get it out of the way. You’ll need at least $500 for a bond.

I’m one that doesn’t agree, and most likely will find ways to look into changing it. But in the meantime, I will be getting my WDO/Pest. Like it or not.

As to bringing up your price, there are several inspectors here that have found unique and lucrative ways of doing that. I think Dale and Jeff are two of them.


I have purchased and read the material but have done nothing more. I have contracted with local pest inspectors who have experience to go with what they have read - I feel this is more value to my client. I receive one or two requests a week solely from the NACHI web site and have no trouble winning this business. I charge $290.00 per inspection and give the Certified Pest Inspector $75.00. Yes, I don’t make a lot but then I don’t need to just yet. In a while I will raise my fee and possibly not involve the pest inspector - I find that I overreact to the presence of carpenter ants when compared to the pest inspector. Had I not done it this way I would not have known that the mere sighting of carpenter ants is not justification for treating for their demise.
Good luck to you. Call if you are in the Spokane area.

Is having a WDO inspection license required in your state in order to perform general residential inspections?
If so… then get the license
If not… find a couple of pest companies to sub your work to (and contract with them) and advertise their license (check with your attorney about this as well)

I recommend the general course work regardless if you get licensed or not. It’s good education.

So, where are the wolves?

Here we go again! :roll:

“Where are the wolves?” “Here we go again”
Did I start something that I’m unaware of? I suppose this has been a topic of discussion many times and I tried the archives first but didn’t come up with any definitive threads, so I posted my question. Please don’t let my ignorance of the topic stir things up! Thanks for the replies.


Go to Members Only “reciprocity between NY and WA?” Quite interesting. Some of us are not happy with the “pest’s” inspection requirements. It is interesting conversation and some helpful things are learned but I don’t take all of this too seriously. Good luck to you.

Sorry Jerry I should have responded nicer. Your question is lagit, we were just having this debate earlier this morning. Yes, go read the other thread, it may take you 3 day but it has alot of opinions about the subject.:smiley:

And I was just noting how six people jump down my throat when I post on this subject and nothing happens over here.

Nothing personal at all and good luck! You have alot of support.

I took no offense at anyone’s comments, everyone has been more than helpful in this forum. I will definitely look at the other thread and use that info to help me decide whether to pursue the license or not. Please, just bear with me as I post my seemingly naive questions, I want to take advantage of your collective wisdom to help me do this thing right!

Holy Cow! I just read the thread in the members only forum, and man, am I embarrassed that I even posted the question!:roll: I believe that I have had my questions answered. Thank you all very much.

Goodness, nothing to be embarassed about. :slight_smile: :wink: Glad you had your questions answered. If you want to talk or anything write to me at . I have several other people conversing with me on this topic, so it will be interesting. :slight_smile: