New Licensing Program in NY State
New York State, Dept. of State Approved- 140 hour Program- Next Program after this one will not be scheduled until November/December 2006. Remember we offer NACHI Discounts, we are NY State Approved, we use NY State Approved Instructors who are NACHI Members as well, and recommend NACHI for those who have not yet joined.
Appraisal Education Network School/ Merrell Institute
1461 Lakeland Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716
631-563-7720 ~ Fax: 631-563-7719

We are also pleased to announce that Len Ungar,CMI- Long Island NACHI Chapter President has and is our Module 5 Field Inspection Instructor. His abilities in the field have been very useful to the graduates of our school to date. We commend him on his commitment to educational excellence.

We have limited seating for the upcoming program which starts next week-

Those in New York who are not yet licensed may consider this program as an affordable, approved program in NY State, Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are available starting next week-

Much luck and success to NACHI Members. Those who desire to be licensed should consider it before this year has ended.

7 seats available- class starts this monday!

NACHI members in good standing receive a substantial discount for the entire 100 hour program including all books, materials and final exams. The cost to the NACHI Member is $ 1075.00- Check out the competitions prices and you will see that we are charging a fair price for a state approved program in NY State. Up to 3K less than the competition.

Much luck and success to NACHI members.

I want to thank NACHI and all the NACHI members who have supported our school. I enjoy NACHI and exclusively offer discounts to this great organization. Next weeks class is filled, and all our graduates will be encouraged to join NACHI exclusively!

Much luck and success to all the NACHI membership- Congrats on reaching 9,000+ members throughout the country!