New Logo for the Inspectoscope?

Hi Nick,

Can you have Levi do a logo for the Inspectoscope?
I’ve found it to be really useful and would like to market it on my website etc.



On it.

I already have one.:slight_smile:


Thx. Nick!

Currently working on a new Inspectoscope logo. I’ll post it here when it is finished.

My rig is better than.
Can you make it not name branded ?

Bob, you can call yours an InspectoScope or SpectoScope or whatever Levi comes up with.

Made my logo a few years back as a joke.
Never thought guys actually want one
Could have been rich yet again.


You had the pre-WIFI era model.

The one with WiFi is fantastic.

Guess I need to post a you tube video with one of my roof inspections to shut you up eh.:wink:

Is there a logo for inspectors that walk the roof?


Is there a logo for inspectors falling off roofs?

Since all inspectors walk roofs when they can be done so safely are you saying there are inspectors who walk each and every roof no matter what?
You one of them? Because I am professionally trained in climbing and would love to compete.

Levi, can you do a logo for “Muy Macho Roof Walkers” ?
Preferably would be a minimum 12/12 roof on a snowy day???
Could be a new USP too!

Levi, can you do a logo for inspectors who love to show their pole to their clients?

Don’t see how effective a pole camera will be on a snow covered roof…


There are many reasons you wouldn’t want to walk on a roof. Snow is one. Ice is another. Steep pitch is another. Tile or slate roofs is another. Inaccessibility is another. Height is another.

I think that adding a logo to your website about using a polecam will give a potential client the impression that you don’t walk the roof.


Next time you make a meeting I will show you my pole.

Jeff, what is your present method for finding this issue ?
…or do you just miss it every job with a tall chimney ?