Hey Dom... do you want us to create you a new logo for Home Inspector Pro?

Just a thought: www.nachi.org/inspector-logos.htm and scroll down.

Good idea,
That should only take a few clicks to make the change on Dom’s end after a new logo is designed.:stuck_out_tongue:

Please more more more.

Can I see It?


Here is his email address. Sending him an email would have to be quicker than starting a thread. dominic@homeinspectorpro.com

There are some nice logos there (including mine). I don’t think the little green man is going anywhere though.:smiley:

Levi can maintain some continuity in the brand I suspect. I’m not pickin’ on Dom, but it almost looks like some computer geek did his logo. :wink:

What’s wrong with his current logo (mascot) ???

Dom is descended from VanGogh. His logo is his self portrait. :wink:

You guys are funny.
His green guy is cool and going nowhere I am sure.

No every logo needs to be changed as it is all about recognition and being different.

Current logos
are all too digital looking for my taste at times designed to be simplistic/geometrical.


I’m on it. I’ll get back to you today.

Missed this post, sorry. Been trying to catch up on all the emails missed during the Vegas conference! The HIPPIES seem to love the green guy so he needs to stay but I have thought about cleaning him up and changing the house picture to something else.

Thanks for the samples you sent Levi, you’re one talented graphic artist (a talent I lack!).