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Good morning:

I would be interested to know if anyone might want to sell me tools. Since I am new to the business, I need a number of tools. Perhaps you might want to gift yourself a new model while wanting to sell me your used one.

Thanks in advance. Bill

Bill, if you know your member username and password, log out of the message board, then log back in using your username and password so that you appear as a member.

Thank you.

Bill Marston


Search any tool that you can imagine and generally purchase for 50 % OFF.

Welcome to NACHI Bill.

I have and extra ladder. It is the folding type. 16 ft. 300 lb. rated. Folds into 4. I paid $250 plus at home depo It is in new condition. Very sturdy. I would deliver it to you ( I live in Picton and go to Kingston from time to time.) for $100 and if you are broke you can even pay me on an easy squeezie plan. Tim cole Proud NACHI member
613 848 8633

Hi Bill

Welcome to NACHI!!!

Your very first post and already you have a deal, I would take Timothy up on his offer.

We have a Kingston chapter that will interest you

If you attend the next meeting I promise to give you some tools that you can use.

Welcome Bill


Good morning Tim:

I thank you so much for your kindness. I would look forward to purchasing the ladder. When do you think you might be passing by the Kingston area.

Bill Marston

Good morning Mario:

I will attend the next meeting. When the coordinates are know, please let me know.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season.

kind regards

Bill Marston

Just call me and we can arrange something. Tim

Just call me and we can arrange something. Tim