New name for OSB

Around here, at least, some idiot builders use OSB for sheating and roof decking. In this area that is a big mistake because of all our problems with water and humidity.

SO, I am officially using, for the first time on the NACHI board, my new name for OSB. I call it:

Vertical Mulch.

Nuff said.

Something else caused it to get wet.
The new stuff has an Exposure 1 rating.

that’s not new Will, people been calling it that for years…

You are hardly the first to call it that.

I used that term last week with a client.

I first heard it from Carl Brown a long time ago.

Had some of that in Vernon Hills tonight.
The mold cleaners were leaving as I arrived for the day.
They had mold in both attics on that particle board like stuff from bath exhausts .
Unfortunately missed the stuff I found in the crawl…lol.

Also had that stuff like 1/8 thick brick on wall panel with real masonry.
What it that called so I can look a manufacturer ?
Looks cheap.

Damn you, Carl Brown!

Now what do I do for a legacy? :wink:

Were you over in Deerpath Subdivision or south of RTE 45?


Just below 45 and 83.
Those panels having issues ?
Forgot subdivision off gross point park.

I know it’s been used Will but shreaded Wheat comes to mind…

From yesterday


Don’t know of any issues with the panels there. Grosse Pointe is a newer build and the neighborhood just to the east of it is older and not as expensive.


Just posted separate thread ,guess nobody knows much about the panel.
Not a fan -looks flimsy.

Were you thinking of Brickettes?


Thought you were talking about electrical panel…not exterior veneer.