Story, OSB board, mold, leaks

As a good friend from Kansas keeps telling me, don’t you just love that Vertical Mulch. :):wink:

Interesting sentence. Didn’t know my thermal camera could show mold. Guess I should start marketing as such. OSB is garbage. I look at housing products as this: if a home builder is using it, you shouldn’t want it.

Looks like the issue was that the stone facade/siding was improperly installed to me…

OSB isn’t suppose to get wet. Keep it dry and it will be fine.
I use it for walls but, not roof sheathing .

It can’t…well not technically, obviously it would inform you if there was a massive area where there was moisture, which in this case coincidentally ended up being mold as well. I hate when articles mislead consumers. Good article though, helpful to promoting indoor air quality testing and thermal imaging.

:D:D:D:D:D:D That is all it is good for.