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Nick Gromicko of NACHI suggested that I offer my services on this bulletin board. I am Larry Reavis, president of Homexam Inc. We produce training videos and edit books for home inspectors and homeowners. Our main book, The User-Friendly Home, is a free download from

and you are invited to download as many articles as you wish.

We also offer free reporting software ( - not a dumbed-down demo, not crippled in any way, not time-limited, and not fee-per-use. That's what it's not. What it is: The oldest on-site narrative reporting software - and perhaps the swiftest (experienced users say they create reports in 15 minutes).

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments, or recommendations for improving our products and services.

Training videos and books for inspectors and homeowners (including free downloads) can be found a

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Is it true you have some CD’s for sale with some really great and good looking home inspectors doing real home inspections on them??