I can't believe people pay $99 for Kenton Shepards narratives....

They are worth MUCH more than that!

As I was reading his roof narratives, he not only gives you narratives to use, hell it TEACHES the new guys WHAT to look for! To me it’s not narratives, its a step by step procedure on the process for inspecting. All this for $99…man that is crazy cheap for the newer inspectors.

Now for the second part of the story. I bought the CD back in like 2008 or 2009 and contacted Kenton about an update. He is sending me the update for free. So not only is it $99 for the narratives apparently it’s $99 for LIFE, or at least I think it is.

For me this is a no brainer. Waiting for the Xmas party to win one is an idea, just not a good one. If your not willing to spend $99 on something that can enhance your report (sometimes GREATLY ENHANCE), then maybe being a business owner is not for you. If you can’t afford $99 on your profession then I can tell you this profession isn’t for you and you are WAY undercapitalized to be in business…

For those who know me…I am not too generous with my accolades…this deserves one, especially for the newer inspector.

awesome :slight_smile:

3D Focus Edition has Kenton’s narratives.


I use 3D. Hell I bought my company from the guy that owns 3D…and it’s in my home town!


Kenton just finished a Home Inspector Pro template (as that’s what he uses) with his narratives that will be on Inspector Outlet soon. It looks great!

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The link is connected to your credit card…pay $99 for a link…lol

I bet they are great by the reviews so far.

Just check out what I posted below and pay attention to where I added bold then [size=2]highlight blue as it is on this site.

[size=2]Curious if this is the same as the 10001 narratives that was published years ago with a group [size=2]input by some of the older regulars ?
I have a copy somewhere.
Should Inspectors Write Their Own Narratives?**[/size]

Because of the differences in climate and jurisdictional requirements across North America, inspectors are almost forced to write at least some of their own narratives. Custom narrative libraries are available, but they won’t be able to cover all situations encountered by inspectors everywhere.

My point is that you can use someone else s narratives but you still gotta work that text.
If it is canned language for a different region it often looks like it and every experianced inspector knows there are 10 different ways to say the same thing.

It’s always a good idea to have an attorney review narratives, but review is especially important for those inspectors who lack confidence in their writing or verbal skills.
In writing narratives, inspectors will face choices in selecting terms which may be similar but which may offer differing degrees of protection. In making decisions, in addition to seeking advice from an attorney, inspectors may discover different approaches to wording a narrative by reading the InterNACHI message boards, which have an entire forum dedicated to report-writing. It’s sometimes helpful to see how other inspectors have solved problems, and an inspector may find that a good solution has already been invented.

From Writing Report Narratives - InterNACHI http://www.nachi.org/writing-report-narratives.htm#ixzz2FYxsTzh5

That is the one I had…it is better now and more narratives.

Of course they must be tweaked as all things must be…

Exactly my point Russ.
They call that massaging the report.

Sounds like a great combo any idea of when it will be available Dom? :slight_smile:

More than a decade of work went into them: www.nachi.org/narratives.htm

Just read some of the sample narratives. Perfect!! This is exactly how narratives should be written. Defect, implication and recommendation. Love it!!

Kenton and Nickolai are working on it. I think it’ll be up shortly!

money well spent…

Yep… Kenton did a great job with these.

Available now, Home Inspector Pro template here.

awesome pic of a tile BUR
have a Merry Merry

and ditto Russell’s op the narratives are well worth the investment and have been since 2008
huh, no cost of living or price increase for more info

you ought to have a Tip Jar :mrgreen:

Just won the CD from NACHI’s X-Mas party. I’m a very happy inspector!!!