New product: Tramex ME5 Moisture Meter

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Hey! Nick, thank you! I got a similar non-destructive moisture meter at Home Depot under $100. It has a digital numeric display, a color code moisture intensity bar in three colors that illuminate a proportional number of LED lights in green, yellow and red and also has an audible alarm when the moisture level is really high. I am sure these one is a higher quality, but I recommend, for the scope of our work, the lesser expensive. The one I have empowers me to make the call for a Licensed Contractor to intervene with a professional recommendation. What do you think? I usually reinforce my recommendation with an infrared camera exploratory picture.

Pedro, a moisture meter from Home Depot for $100 does not compare to the Tramex. I have used the inexpensive ones and they do not compare to the Tramex.

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Moisture detection is one of those things where quality of meter, matters. A cheap hammer works almost as well as an expensive one. Not so with moisture meters. Anyway, Tramex is top of the line. It’s probably tied or just a hair better than Protometer and neither are inexpensive.

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Tramex are accurate but are bulky beasts, there are slimmer alternatives.

I was hired to confirm mysterious water intrusion in a home.
My Tramex noted normal readings.
I asked what type of meter the other inspector used.
They showed me a pic of a 62% reading with a General Tools pin-less meter.

I went to Home Deport & bought one for comparison.
OMG the cheapie showed elevated levels that were not true about half the time.


I also found that the Tramex is sure worth the money. And the new model goes to 1 1/4" deep.

I wanted to use high quality tools.