New product: Tramex ME5 Moisture Meter

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Hey! Nick, thank you! I got a similar non-destructive moisture meter at Home Depot under $100. It has a digital numeric display, a color code moisture intensity bar in three colors that illuminate a proportional number of LED lights in green, yellow and red and also has an audible alarm when the moisture level is really high. I am sure these one is a higher quality, but I recommend, for the scope of our work, the lesser expensive. The one I have empowers me to make the call for a Licensed Contractor to intervene with a professional recommendation. What do you think? I usually reinforce my recommendation with an infrared camera exploratory picture.

Pedro, a moisture meter from Home Depot for $100 does not compare to the Tramex. I have used the inexpensive ones and they do not compare to the Tramex.

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Moisture detection is one of those things where quality of meter, matters. A cheap hammer works almost as well as an expensive one. Not so with moisture meters. Anyway, Tramex is top of the line. It’s probably tied or just a hair better than Protometer and neither are inexpensive.

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Tramex are accurate but are bulky beasts, there are slimmer alternatives.

I was hired to confirm mysterious water intrusion in a home.
My Tramex noted normal readings.
I asked what type of meter the other inspector used.
They showed me a pic of a 62% reading with a General Tools pin-less meter.

I went to Home Deport & bought one for comparison.
OMG the cheapie showed elevated levels that were not true about half the time.


I also found that the Tramex is sure worth the money. And the new model goes to 1 1/4" deep.

I wanted to use high quality tools.

What are the thoughts on the Extech around $100, like the MO55 or some of the other models they sell here in the <$200 range? I’m not ready to buy one quite yet but I’m just wondering if this is one of those better to wait and save $400-500 or if I’d be ok with a $100-$200 meter for quite some time after purchase.
I get buying the best you can but I’ve also learned not everything has to be the absolute top of the line. Just wondering where people feel these fall on that scale.


Chase, IMO they do not compare with the Tramex ME5. Why spend $200.00 and then buy the better one some time later? If you want, just get the $50.00 one at home depot until you save up for the Tramex.
This is one of those tools that buying the better one is a good investment.
I have not used the Delmhorst or Protimeter, but I understand they are very good also and comparable to the Tramex in cost and function.

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Can we purchase it at inspector outlet?

Yes, I believe you can.

Thank you Joseph, That’s exactly what I wanted to know. I’ll just continue to save and get a better one.

If you buy it at Inspector Outlet, remember to click on the thing that says you are an InterNACHI member:

Saves you almost $100.

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