New report writing templates from ReportHost

We just released report writing templates for condominiums and multi-unit dwellings today. I know many have been using our standard or extended residential templates for these, but the new templates will make performing inspections and writing reports much easier, regardless of whether you use ReportHost for tablets or printed field notes during an inspection.

Note also that we also recently released a “Miscellaneous” template with report sections covering private wells, private septic systems, and items for entering RecallChek info. You can import sections from this template into any of your other ReportHost templates.

Like the rest of our templates, these are all free to use for ReportHost users.


Jim. Send me your number and I will call you personally. I am looking for a dicoverhorizonbase reporting software style… Thanks.

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Thanks for the call Jim. I do appreciate your effort. Sorry I was working.
I will try the reporting software and do like the idea of ReportHost keeping all my records for me. I avoid that dreaded accountant although a will miss the drop in sexretary.:wink: Oh well I can always take her out for a meal.