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more complete. This should significantly reduce your report writing time, and will likely reduce your inspection time too.

  • We added "Kitchen" and "Bathrooms" sections with many new concerns specific to kitchen appliances.
  • We thoroughly spell checked and proof read all the new content.
  • We revised almost all of the existing concerns to be more informative. Our goal where possible is for each concern to have three parts; what's wrong, what the consequences are, and what to do about it.
  • We rearranged sections and items within the template, and changed labels and label formatting in the template's field notes view. With the increased number of concerns our goal was to make field notes more readable.

    You can easily re-initialize your report template, or import specific items as you wish. Please review our new content as per the instructions on our "What's new" page after you log in.

    Also, please see our new, handy reference sheets for use while inspecting. They're accessible on ReportHost's "Answers" menu, and include the following tables:

    • Insulation Type Average R-Value per inch of thickness
    • Fiberglass Batt Insulation Ratings
    • Electric meter ratings
    • Clearances for direct vents
    • Clearances for "B" vents
    • Bedroom window requirements for egress
    • Standard Water Heater Sizing
    • Allowable Spans for Douglas Fir Floor Joists
    • Allowable Spans for Douglas Fir Girders of Joisted Floors

    There's also a "Water Heater Manufacture Dates by Serial Number" sheet to help you determine the age of water heaters.

    And finally, please see our new Jim and Scott's tips article on "Writing reports and customizing your template". It'll shed some light on how to make the best use of our default concern texts, and best practices in customizing your report writing template.

    -Jim Gallant
    Owner, All Point Home Inspections - Poulsbo, WA
    Co-founder, ReportHost (Web-based report writing service)