New revenue opportunity for InterNACHI members with Residential Consultants

Revenue Partner Opportunity


I have worked with them numerous times on commercial draw inspections. They are a terrific company to work with.


Can you give me a basic scope of work you did for them and how things worked ? I may look into it for some supplemental income.

Mainly I did commercial draw inspections for them. This was going to constructions projects and verifying the amount that was billed to what is actually complete. Then filling out and submitting their template along with 24 photos of the work complete and the site. I also inspected around 30 TV antennas for them as well. This was taking pictures of each direction of the antenna, any buildings, generators, environmental concerns, and also of each guywire.

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“but they are experiencing an especially urgent need for qualified PAs in the following states”

This sounds great! Cali is not listed though…is there any need at all in Cali? Unespecially even?

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Submitted my application. :+1: